Celestron digital microscope software download

celestron digital microscope software download

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Latest Firmware Updates. View All Updates Notify Me of Updates. Update your Celestron product firmware by downloading and running the Celestron Firmware Manager. Celestron MicroCapture Pro Free It is a free program designed to work with the Handheld Digital Microscope Pro. -Go to the product page below and then look at the bottom right. -Tap on Support and Downloads. -The software you need will be listed. -Tap on.
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WiFi technology encircles the globe in a web of connectivity, knowledge, and information. At low magnification, the Handheld Digital Microscope Pro is ideal for viewing stamps, coins, bugs, plants, rocks, skin, gems, circuit boards, and more. We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. This intelligent, all-in-one observatory and astroimaging system emerges as a catalyst, eliminating the complexities traditionally associated with telescopes and, in turn, metamorphosing your backyard into an inviting gateway to the Universe. Telescopes Sport Optics Microscopes.